My wife Cindy and I just recently returned from a 3 week trip to Mexico City, Puebla and Guadalajara, where I'm currently working with a fabricator to create my fountain designs within the country, specifically for sale to Mexican customers.

And as I stated or implied in a blog last year, Mexicans really seem to appreciate fountains.

Fountains can be found everywhere, in every town and every municipality. Private homes have fountains. You can walk down the bustling corridors of almost any street teeming with human traffic and open almost any door to find a home built around a courtyard with a tranquil fountain, providing instant escape from the hectic activities of daily life.

As I look back on my travels through Europe, I begin to think that maybe it stems from the Spanish culture's love of fountains as fountains are evident throughout Spain; and the entire Mediterranean for that matter.

Though in Mexico it really takes root.

What is it, these people know, that we don't? I would venture to say, a lot.

Though in my observations and in  interacting and communicating and just being around the Mexican people, I find that each one of them seems grounded in Nature. I imagine it's what I find so appealing about the people and their's just in their DNA.

I really believe that it 's because they're descendants of the Aztec and Mayans and Olmecs and Zapotecs and all the peoples of the land before the Spanish came. It's so ingrained in their being. it's in their soul, so to speak.

And, maybe that's why they're so attracted to fountains. After all, on average, the human body is made up of 65% water...right?  It's only natural, at least  it is, in Mexico.