MODFOUNTAIN launches MINI-MODS at IGC show in Chicago

IGC Show 2019 Chicago

We love Chicago!

Always have, probably always will.

In the last blog I announced that the MINI-MODS were com’in.

In Chicago at the IGC (lndependent Garden Center Show). The MINI-MODS arrived, with great enthusiasm from attendees!


We’re grateful for all the orders we received and we love all the people we met.

Thank you IGC’ers.

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Introducing the Mini MODS

I mentioned in the previous MODFOUNTAIN blog, that we were working on a super, secret project.

Here's the scoop…

Last October, at the Long Beach Landscape Architects Expo, we displayed 9 small scale working models of our fountains.

The purpose of those small models was simply to illustrate the different Modfountain designs available for purchase.

I began to find it annoying when one after another of the visitors and passersby would comment that they loved the small table top fountains and could envision them in design projects both indoor and outdoor and could they possibly buy one or more, or all of them.

I would answer with exasperation,, "No, they are NOT for sale, they are only here to illustrate our larger scale fountains!"

After what seemed like the 73rd inquiry we finally asked ourselves, "Why are we saying NO?"

Rick Ivey, one of the Expo visitors who happens to be the owner of Laguna Coast Pottery in Laguna Beach, convinced us that there was a ready market for a table top version of our cutting edge steel fountains. With his help and facilitation, we are now proud to announce that the first edition of what we've christened the "Mini-Mods" are currently in production.

So what is a Mini-Mod?

Well, first of all, they're collectible. These fully functional 18 inch tall steel fountains come signed and dated with a certificate of authenticity.

They also include a custom designed display pond constructed from lightweight poly concrete, a submersible pump and a special screen for displaying decorative rock. The pond can also be used as a planter for surrounding the fountain with water dense vegetation and flowers (my personal preference).

Another exciting feature of the Mini's is that they are available in COLOR.

Yes, I said COLOR!

Early adopters who purchase these collectibles, will get their choice of powdercoat finishes in super durable high gloss variations of Red, Yellow, Teal and Chrome as well as our traditional finish of naturally aging Rust .

We're really excited about the Mini-Mods. Their display possibilities are endless. We're shooting for a release date in Spring of 2019. So stay tuned to this blog, I'll keep you updated as things progress.


New Year New Website!

2018 was an interesting and busy year for Modfountain. It was a year of transition…
It saw our move across country from California, where we'd worked on various projects for 2 years, back to our home base in New York.

While in California we established great connections with amazing Southland suppliers, fabricators, designers and clients, as well as, participated in the 2018 Landscape Expo in Long Beach, which from our perspective was a great success. We even stayed on The Queen Mary during  the show, which I highly recommend, just from the novelty and historic aspects, let alone the beautiful harbor views.

2018 truly established Modfountain as a bi-coastal American company, with on going projects just about everywhere in the country. We're also currently in the process of developing a SUPER SECRET PROJECT here in New York (an outgrowth of our recent tradeshow feedback), that should be available for release early this Spring...more on that later.

And of course, 2018 saw the development of this new, improved and highly interactive website, which has just been released, today, January 7, 2019. Hopefully this new site will make designing your project and checkout super easy, with lots more images, products and downloadable cad files.

I want to thank Seth Fink, Cindy Helsley, Zsuzanna Kliszek, Peter Silvi,  Kevin Flores and David Wimmer for all their hard work putting it together. Hope I didnt make you too crazy. I think it turned out great!

So let's raise a glass to all of Us! 
Here's hoping 2019 is a happy, healthful and prosperous one, for all our friends, old, new and yet to come!
Gratefully yours,

Come to The Landscape Expo in Long Beach and WIN a Modfountain WAVE 2


We are pleased to announce that you can come visit us at the Modfountain Tradeshow Booth #1422 in the Outdoor Living Design Center of the Landscape Expo in the Long Beach Convention Center.

I've been busy designing and building a custom booth that I'm pretty sure is unlike anything you've ever seen, it's main component being 10 cylindrical pedestals that each house a pond with it's own working scaled fountain.

Long Beach is a lot of fun, there's lots to do, great restaurants, the sun's always shining and of course there's always the Queen Mary and Lodge 49,


come on by and check out our latest designs and enter a drawing for a chance to win a WAVE 2 Modfountain valued at over $4000.

Landscape Expo 2018, October 10th and 11th at the Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, California




We're proud to announce that our photo editorial in the April/May issue of Ocean Home Magazine is out.

I'm pleased to thank Andrew Conway, OHM editor, for his enthusiastic support of Modfountain, Julia Johnson, OHM writer, for the flattering text, Travis Hurst, photographer, for the original image and my brother Ron Bolander, photographer, for his wonderful photo editing skills.

We're really proud of the feature.

Check it out at



My wife Cindy and I just recently returned from a 3 week trip to Mexico City, Puebla and Guadalajara, where I'm currently working with a fabricator to create my fountain designs within the country, specifically for sale to Mexican customers.

And as I stated or implied in a blog last year, Mexicans really seem to appreciate fountains.

Fountains can be found everywhere, in every town and every municipality. Private homes have fountains. You can walk down the bustling corridors of almost any street teeming with human traffic and open almost any door to find a home built around a courtyard with a tranquil fountain, providing instant escape from the hectic activities of daily life.

As I look back on my travels through Europe, I begin to think that maybe it stems from the Spanish culture's love of fountains as fountains are evident throughout Spain; and the entire Mediterranean for that matter.

Though in Mexico it really takes root.

What is it, these people know, that we don't? I would venture to say, a lot.

Though in my observations and in  interacting and communicating and just being around the Mexican people, I find that each one of them seems grounded in Nature. I imagine it's what I find so appealing about the people and their's just in their DNA.

I really believe that it 's because they're descendants of the Aztec and Mayans and Olmecs and Zapotecs and all the peoples of the land before the Spanish came. It's so ingrained in their being. it's in their soul, so to speak.

And, maybe that's why they're so attracted to fountains. After all, on average, the human body is made up of 65% water...right?  It's only natural, at least  it is, in Mexico.