My intent throughout my career as a sculptor is to bring large scale and monumental minimalist art/sculpture/fountains to the widest audience as possible. To achieve this goal I primarily work in corten steel sheet which is similar to mild steel except that it's alloys include copper and chromium. These alloys protect the steel's iron and slows the rusting process, while resulting in gorgeous patinas. Corten is often used as architectural siding and in terms of sculpture is relatively low in cost allowing for procurement by a wider audience than traditional metal sculpture. The fountains I create are dramatic, compelling, scalable and instill a magnetic visceral connection within the viewer and the communities they reside in. I've been told by Architects and Landscape Architects that they site my work in their projects, because they are dramatic focal points enhancing their surroundings.


A 20 year veteran in steel sculpture, artist Randy Bolander’s commissioned works are held in numerous collections and have been featured in galleries and museums across the United States.

In 2003 Bolander co-founded and directed the West Edge Sculpture exhibition, WESE, staged in downtown Seattle; the largest independent sculpture exhibit in the Pacific Northwest. Through this 5 year endeavor and his 3 year commission with the Downtown Seattle Association to stage a winter holiday sculpture show, Bolander realized the direction he wanted to take his sculpture – interactive and accessible to a wider audience. “I became obsessed with designing the perfect fountain based on minimalist principles. The ideas just kept coming. One concept led to the next and before I knew it Modfountain was born. By adhering to modern clean design, I was able to streamline the amount of materials, making modern sculpture available to a broader audience.”

Randy’s artistic influences are, Malevich, Chillida, Serra, Calder, Miro, and Noguchi to name a few. Randy and Cindy are passionate about Midcentury Modern architecture and modernist landscaping. They are advid collectors of Midcentury Modern furniture, owned, renovated two midcentury homes incorporating Randy’s sculpture, trellises and fountains into the landscape design. Their Seattle home was included in the West Seattle Garden Tour and featured in the Seattle Times and Northwest Home and Garden magazine.


As an artist, I feel free to work in any medium, though my main focus is steel round bar, When I first started to learn about metal fabrication, I  very quickly became fascinated by the material. Round bar, has the inate property, while bending, of resisting kinking, unlike metal tubing, which can be easily ruined if you 're not careful. That's not to say you can't mess up round bar, you can, if you're not paying attention.

I've become so in tune with the medium of steel round bar, that when I work with it, I sometimes become "one" in a Zen-like way with it. The material kind of takes over and tells me how it wants to be worked, which results in unique and spontaneous compositions. This process often results in some of what I consider my best work.

By its nature, sculpture, unlike two dimensional painting, printmaking or jewelry making for instance, can result in finished work that is very large and heavy, requiring special material handling equipment to move and transport. Therefore many sculptors limit their output of work, to projects received solely by commission.

I like the challenge of a commission, partnering with architects and collectors to design into a specific interior or exterior space. I also simply create what I choose to create. I am driven by a need to produce simple organic forms that can be placed in a garden or float from a ceiling, defying gravity and providing a dramatic focal point. Though the sculptures are not pure abstraction, they reflect my personal style and as I work on them, I hone my skills while exploring different avenues of art and fabrication. 

I believe artists can change the world and can change your mind – to become a powerful combination of provocation and beauty.  Art creates a fundamental connection to your soul, and connection to those that view art with you. It connects your mind, solicits an emotional response, and creates conversation and community. Fountains do just that. Everyone has had the experience of walking down a street teeming with traffic… Then entering a courtyard with a tranquil fountain, providing an instant escape from the hectic activities of daily life.