X Series Fountains

All the fountains in the X series exemplify the principles that guide the Modfountain design aesthetic. Deceptively simple in design, their fabrication must be executed with exacting precision. Constructed from 3/16” steel sheet; the X fountains become a monumental and dramatic piece of inspirational art. Relatively light in weight for sculpture of their size, their smart design also allows for easy handling and installation.


MODfountain X2 angled.jpg
MODfountain X2 angled.jpg


from 7,886.00

Dimensions: 24"L x 24"W x 92"H

Weight: 223 lbs

Purchase includes:

  • 2500 GPH non-clogging submersible pump

  • 25’ power cord

  • PVC fittings for water intake and pump connections

  • Shipping additional (call or email for exact cost)

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Product Description: The X2’s perfectly balanced hourglass shape stands alone as a magnetic focal point in any design setting. Combined with a bubbling font of water cascading from it’s top and clinging by surface tension to it’s exterior walls, the X2 becomes a soothing or a chaotic modern fountain, depending on how you regulate the water flow. Like all the fountains in the X series, the X2 is a perfect solution for building community, while providing a source of tranquility in a hectic world. Now Available in Powder Coat colors!