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Trapezoid E

Modern Steel Fountains

Modfountains are minimalist steel sculptures that include the element of flowing water. Constructed from corten or stainless steel, each custom fountain is scalable and can  be integrated into your interior or exterior design. Modfountains come fully assembled, with a submersible pump and easy installation instructions. 

Trapezoid E

Trap E Web Image 3.jpg
Trap E Web Image 2.jpg
Trap E Web Image 2.jpg
Photo%20Jun%2010,%202%2049%2059%20PM_preview.jpeg (2).jpg
Trap E Web Image 3.jpg
Trap E Web Image 2.jpg
Trap E Web Image 2.jpg
Photo%20Jun%2010,%202%2049%2059%20PM_preview.jpeg (2).jpg

Trapezoid E

from 18,890.00
  • Dimensions: 120 x 96 x 72

  • Weight: 1050 - 1575 lbs.

Purchase Includes:

  • 2500 gph submersible pump

  • 25 ft. powercord

  • PVC fittings for fountain to pump connections

  • Shipping additional (call or emaill for exact cost)

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Upon first seeing the massive and imposing rusting walls of the TRAPEZOID E  with its precipitous cascading waterfalls, one is reminded of Earth's grandeur and timeless beauty. A beauty that unites us all.

The organic nature of copper, iron and chromium, that is corten steel, fascinates as it ages.

As the panels oxidize, the colors of the patina move and shift in everchanging patterns that the viewer reacts and relates to on  a visceral level. The element of cascading water keeps the entire sculpture in flow, further creating a connection between the individual,  the community and the environment.

We're excited to offer the "E" as part of our new TRAPEZOID series.



Two 3/16 in x 96 in. x 96 in. corten steel panels are bent at right angles and juxtaposed off center. The two plates are united by a 6 in. x 2in x 72 in. horizontal rectangular tube in steel or stainless spaced 78 in. from the ground. The water is delivered to the spouts by a 6 in. x 2 in. x 76 in. vertical rectangular tube forming the "T".  The fountain is installed in 3 steps like a kit. The trapezoid plates are secured to a concrete base by four custom "L" brackets and bolts. The "T" spout is secured with it's own welded baseplate and four custom anchors bolts. Centered on the underside of the base plate is welded a simple faucet coupling for easy and secure water intake attachment  to the 2500 gph submersible pump. 


POND Installation

Because of the pump's streamline design the fountain can be placed in it's own pond with a water depth of as little as 9 inches.. The pump can be hidden directly under the main "T" or trained to another location inside the pond.

RESERVOIR Installation

This fountain, as well as all Modfountains can also be installed  a bed of rocks with an underground reservoir housing the submersible pump. Wire grates are normally used to support the decorative rock while the fountain's water filters through the rock to underground channels that move the water to the underground reservoir where the submersible pump recycles the water back into the fountain's intake.