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Pump Box

Modern Steel Fountains

Modfountains are minimalist steel sculptures that include the element of flowing water. Constructed from corten or stainless steel, each custom fountain is scalable and can  be integrated into your interior or exterior design. Modfountains come fully assembled, with a submersible pump and easy installation instructions. 

Pump Box


Pump Box

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The galvanized sheet metal Pump Box serves as a stable platform for the Wave, X1, X2 and the Y Modfountain. Custom-made from 16 gage galvanized steel with reinforced corners, It also provides a means to conceal the submersible pump and it's attached hoses. It can be used "as is" or easily painted. Custom sizes available.

The actual cost of the Pump Box is $475 + $275 for shipping. Because shipping costs on this site automatically assign $400 to each item, I've listed the price as $350.