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2174 Beachwood Terrace
Los Angeles, CA, 90068
United States


Randy Bolander Simplicity of Tolerance.jpg

Modern Sculpture

Modern solid steel round bar sculpture created by artist, Randy Bolander. Each abstract, contemporary work is cold bent by hand or by custom designed hydraulic machinery.

"Before I conceived of Modfountain and the use of water as a medium, I was obsessed with something else...

 Creating sculpture from solid steel rod, or Round Bar, as its known in the industry. I would look at the 20ft. linear lengths of round bar and ponder what organic shapes I could form from one piece of metal. 

My first challenge was to invent and produce tools to form the 1" diameter solid  steel rod. Incorporating hydraulic machines suspended in air,  I went about forming meticulously fluid and spontaneously organic sculptures,  that appeared to be natural forms rising out of the earth. Painted bright primary and secondary colors, the sculptures were swooped up by enthusiastic collectors who installed them as year-round focal points in their home and garden projects.

Some of these pieces were included in museum exhibitions and prestigious shows in Seattle and Portland, Oregon."

                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Randy Bolander

A few of the original creations are available for immediate purchase and we are pleased to announce that Randy will create round bar sculptures specifically for your project's hardscape. These are spontaneous compositions and no two are alike, so if you're interested in commissioning your own round bar sculpture(s), drop us a line at and we'll get back to you with  the details.