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Viva Mexico!

Ocean Home Magazine's MF Photo/Editorial


We're proud to announce that our photo editorial in the April/May issue of Ocean Home Magazine is out.

I'm pleased to thank Andrew Conway, OHM editor, for his enthusiastic support of Modfountain, Julia Johnson, OHM writer, for the flattering text, Travis Hurst, photographer, for the original image and my brother Ron Bolander, photographer, for his wonderful photo editing skills.

We're really proud of the feature.


Check it out at:

Puebla: A City of Fountains


The arctic vortex finally got to us.

So, my wife and I packed up and took off to Mexico City for 10 days.

Warmth is not over rated, it's a good thing.


I've always loved Mexico. Crossing that border for me is like flipping a psychological switch. Freedom, happiness, boom, done!


I've been to Mexico City on numerous occasions in the last 10 years. The history of the city is fascinating. One of the most advanced pre-hispanic civilizations in the Western Hemisphere, brought to their knees and subjugated by a handful of avaricious and ruthless Spanish gold seekers. Crazy!


One of the most most populace cities on the planet, there's never a reason to be bored. Though this time we decided to take a side trip to the city of Puebla.

A two hour bus trip later we were in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Puebla.

Puebla is known for a number of things, it's cuisine, it's architecture and Talavera tile, but I found something equally intriguing.

Puebla is a city of fountains. Everywhere you go, you see them and in numerous styles from Nuevo Spanish Colonial to Modern to just simple singular streams of water pumping up out of the sidewalk.

I guess the city planners must know what they're doing because the effect of all this flowing water is... pure joy.

It starts with the children. Needless to say, children love fountains. They run to it and through it if possible, they delight in it's never ending unpredictability and their joy is infectious.

The happiness spreads, to teenagers and adults alike.

People congregate around them, they rendezvous at them and it would appear they're not even aware of it, but as a new visitor to the city, through my third person perspective, it's obvious...fountains, make people happy.

From a broader city planning perspective, they may even help to keep the peace. The citizens of Puebla are very civil, friendly and proud people and I can't help but think that the preponderance of fountains has something to do with that.

To see some photos of our trip to Mexico, feel free to check out this link to Flickr at:





Ocean Home Magazine LOVES Modfountain


Its just been confirmed.

The outdoor living edition of Ocean Home Magazine, April 2014 issue, will showcase a full page photo editorial promoting Modfountain to their readership, available mid-March.

You can also check it out at

It's funny how romance develops.