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Viva Mexico!



Yesterday, 11/17/13 was a great day for the launch of Modfountain.
Validation came from every quarter and my belief, that there was a market for affordable, cleanly designed water features was strongly affirmed.

As I suspected, the most popular design was the Pierced Arc 2, our full size floor model.

It would have been great to have a monumental size display where we could show all the full scale Modfountains in action.
(I can envision a cutting edge sculpture/ water park.) We'll see how things go, maybe someday.

Meanwhile, Modfountain is now officially launched and we were the hit of ASLAEXPO 2013!

I'm really proud of our team, Amy, Cindy, Julie and Travis. They were all busy and on point.

In coming blogs, I'll be discussing, subjects related to Modfountains, including pond building, water purification and footings to accommodate wind shear, etc.

But, for now we're just going to relish this Modfountain moment.

Talk to you soon.