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Viva Mexico!


Randy Bolander

This morning 11/16/13, is the first day of the ASLAEXPO and the response to Modfountain by the attendees and other exhibitors is overwhelming.

Cindy, Amy and I have been inundated by landscape architects & designers from all over the world. Almost everyone that we come in contact with wants to use our work In their projects or make business alliances with us and I was just informed by Amy that we've made our first sale to a design firm out of Quebec.

We've had great response from firms in Brazil, China, Australia, Canada, all over Europe and of course the US. Educators are engaging us about rainwater collection systems, and one professor who creates educational sculpture gardens said he's thinking about using our display model to demonstrate the physics of surface tension.

Pretty crazy, huh? And we've only been here for 3 hours.

I've got to go back to work now. Will continue blogging tomorrow, the last day of ASLAEXPO.